West Indies Cliffside Villa

MMA just completed this once-in-a-lifetime project on a volcanic mountainside lot in the eastern Caribbean. We assembled an incredible team of professionals: Bennett Hofford Caribbean Construction, James Craig landscape architect, and Shelby Simes from Sterling Interior Design, in conjunction with MMA, Inc.

The home carefully carves into the mountain to nestle comfortably into the natural environment. Special care was taken to stage and construct the home with minimal impact on the sensitive landscape, which is home to local goats, deer, and green vervet monkeys. A multi-tiered retaining wall undulates across the back of the property, creating protection from water coming off the mountain, and in turn creating a peaceful Zen garden with waterfalls and reflecting pools behind the house. With a keen focus on the otherworldly views to ocean and mountains, proper orientation takes advantage of the prevailing winds and sun, allowing the house to cut linearly across the site to maximize the clients’ living experience.

Using indigenous materials such as coral stone, local volcanic stone, mahogany, and Wallaba wood shingles, along with traditional roofscapes and massing, the home fits gracefully into the West Indies fabric. The linear layout provides amazing views from every location in the house, and large walls of glass doors open up to allow seamless indoor/outdoor living.

The interiors complement the exterior vocabulary with fossilized coral stone, mahogany, and hand-carved doors and transoms. Clean, edited furnishing, silks, murals, and carefully selected artwork adorn the home generating a sense of quiet elegance and calm.
The landscaping strives to help the house recede into the mountainside with the deft use of local palms, mango, lemon and lime trees, flowering ginger, and jasmine, creeping fig and West Indian bay rum.

The end product allows this unique house to commune with the land while providing the client with a magnificent platform to gracefully live in the gorgeous corner of the world.

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John S. MacDonald, AIA

project lead

Elizabeth Cameron

interior designer

Morehouse MacDonald

landscape architect

James Craig

feng shui consultant

Linda Varone

general contractor

Bennett Hofford Construction


Nat Rea

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