Caribbean Villa on Nevis

Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc. has partnered with PLAN – Studios and the Four Seasons, Nevis, to create a tropical tour de force on a dynamic sloped site overlooking the Caribbean. Local volcanic rock, mahogany, and other indigenous materials are carefully used on a series of Pavilion-style structures for the ultimate in luxury living. The villa boasts large, flying overhangs, expansive decks, operable glass walls and suspended walkways to link the various structures, all anchored by a replication of an island sugar mill, that will serve as vertical circulation to all levels.

Dramatic free-form pools, lush landscaping and stone grottos cascade down the property’s slope to offer incredible views and magical spacial experiences. Construction to begin in the spring of 2015.


John S. MacDonald, AIA

project lead

Gregory E. Graham
John S. MacDonald, AIA

design team

Gregory E. Graham
Christian Prescott

landscape architect

PLAN Studios (Henry Dowling)

general contractor

Four Seasons Resort Estates (FSRE)