Creative Solutions at Buzzards Bay

The creative distinction between original designs and renovations is a curious area to explore. The focal points of both types of projects are clear; creativity and the client’s vision supersede much else. However, the degree of creativity taken on with a renovation is a sliding scale precariously placed on a litany of factors. How much of the original integrity of the space do we intend to preserve? How do we find a solution that marries our vision with the client’s needs into one happy union? How do we change a space to present an entirely transformed perspective and feel? Honestly, no two renovations are ever the same.
We are never looking for a gilded solution that does not completely transform our work into something novel. So when we approach a new renovation, the creative process must start fresh. The renovation related questions to consider come into play as we narrow down what it is that must be changed in order to achieve the desired outcome. For our extensive manor house renovation on Buzzards Bay, it was the general atmosphere of the space that needed enhancement. The space called for an open flow to complement the relaxed elegance that this seasonal home dictates. The next step was to decide the best place to target our change. We decided to hone in on the staircase and entryway.


Opening up the entry created not only a more gracious architectural statement, but created a much needed, laid back atmosphere to preface the sitting area. Not only did this create more space, but it better harmonized with the organic nature this home exudes. Opening up the staircase and living room as well, was a space unifier that gave the home a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
Innovative solutions, while they often involve out of the box thinking, must steer clear of forcing a round peg into a square hole. When designing around a pre-existing space, it does no good to muscle through the existing towards the goal of creating new. Remaining conscientious about your beginnings can only give-way to a more organic completion; it takes a space and elevates it as opposed to stuffing it into a newer model. Keeping this procedure in mind with the South Dartmouth manor project gave birth to a space that truly reflected what the space needed to become to satisfy both our standards and the client’s desires.