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Offices that Inspire: A Cure for the Common Workspace

A study must be just the right amount of beautiful. Beautiful enough to inspire excellent work, but muted enough not to distract. The ideal study is a finely-tuned space: a chair at center-stage, plenty of light streaming through the windows, a view to inspire, and enough decorum to settle unobtrusively in the background when the […]

Tradition and Creativity in Renovations

The sky is blue, an impossibly bright shade of blue that is just about the only thing to tip you off that the house is not in England. It is grand and rambling, unfolding across the lawns in a wonderfully earthy sprawl of rustic charm. Stately like it has been there for centuries, the kind […]

How Architecture Reflects Society

A thought seized us recently as we were discussing a previous blog post on the history and influence of shingle-style architecture. Near the end of the article, we point out that the style reflects “the slow and romantic lifestyle of the Victorian era.” And it does. But at the height of its popularity, shingle-style architecture […]

Shingle-Style Architecture: Turn-of-the-Century Allure

Shingle-style architecture is a uniquely American brand that marks a point of convergence for several different influences from Queen Anne Victorian to Medieval Romanesque. A popular New England style that appeared just as the nineteenth century wound to a close, shingle-style architecture paints a sweeping portrait of the nation at that point in time: high fashion with […]

Project Update: Russian Stone Makes Its Way to St. Kitts

As summer rises in Boston, our construction progress continues to accelerate in St. Kitts, whose splendid tropical allure is as welcome as ever (even if it is no longer quite such a necessary respite from the harsh New England winter). Our most recent trip to the West Indies coincided with a visit from our client—her […]

Modern Cape: Same Tradition, Better Technology

In terms of classic New England architecture, the traditional Cape Cod home is a time-honored standard. Built to provide shelter from the vicious winter storms that whipped in off the Atlantic, these homes have remained popular due to their charming simplicity and the nostalgic element of tradition that suffuses them. They are uniquely New England. […]

Project Update: Construction Underway in St. Kitts

Construction is in full swing for our St. Kitts project, which you can see here nestled in among the dunes and indigenous flora. To honor and reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding seascape, our design incorporates neutral-toned Ludowici clay tiles for all of the home’s many roof planes. At present, the tiles are 50% installed, and […]