MMA circular study

Offices that Inspire: A Cure for the Common Workspace

A study must be just the right amount of beautiful. Beautiful enough to inspire excellent work, but muted enough not to distract. The ideal study is a finely-tuned space: a chair at center-stage, plenty of light streaming through the windows, a view to inspire, and enough decorum to settle unobtrusively in the background when the time comes to put pen to paper.

At Morehouse MacDonald, our objective in creating this type of space boils down to a balance of form and function.

MMA Vermont Lodge study

Here, the balance comes in finding a tucked-away corner of a vast family estate that grants privacy without becoming claustrophobic. This warm, cabinesque office floats over the master bedroom, making it remote enough from the lively central areas of the house that sound is a non-issue. Meanwhile, the window overlooking the spacious master suite keeps the space from feeling too isolated and provides spectacular views of the Vermont meadows beyond.

MMA Providencia Federal study

Part of a reproduction of a Federal-style New England mansion, this study exudes the luxurious warmth characteristic of the era. Weighted cornices ground the room, while light pouring in from the scenic grounds keeps the atmosphere fresh and the ideas flowing.

MMA circular compass study

Set against an enticing nautical backdrop, this circular study built for two is an exercise in simplicity. Panoramic windows inspire thought, sleek surfaces keep the mind in order, and rich walnut hues lend just the right amount of gravitas. The compass inlaid in the floor both recalls the waterfront location and solidifies the room’s sense of purpose: this is where you find direction.

MMA Cape study circular office

As we mulled over the challenges and opportunities of these office spaces, a phrase kept springing to mind. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” We cannot take credit for the wisdom there—Aristotle gets that byline—but we can confirm that great pleasure comes in designing these studies. It is our hope that they are both pleasant for your mind and perfect for your work.