Boston Tower Penthouse: Custom Door Handles

Sitting aloft the city high above the hustle and bustle resides a beautiful, 3,000 square foot penthouse overlooking the twinkling lights of Boston. Our client suffers from arthritis that impacts day-to-day activities. Movement as simple as opening a door can be uncomfortable.

Typical door knobs and handles were not working, and our client was interested in a custom design to address this issue. We gladly offered our knowledge regarding this problem and designed custom ergonomic hardware to fit our client’s hand for more comfortable use.

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Our team took modeling clay, mocked up our intent and had our client hold it in his hand. We then had our metalsmith create custom door handles that perfectly fit his hand – from the curve of his thumb to the bending of his fingers and the shape of his palm. We also had to make sure the design matched the rest of the apartment renovations, design theme, and decor. We settled on a sleek, softly-rounded, polished, nickel handle. It paired perfectly with the birds-eye maple doors and limestone floors and walls.

As architects, our job is not just to design beautiful spaces, but to listen to our clients’ needs and incorporate them into the plan. Customizing everything from hardware to windows to mudrooms and more is a service we feel is critical to creating a home that works with our clients’ lifestyle. Learn more at our website.