Morehouse MacDonald Wins Two PRISM Awards

Last Friday, we attended the PRISM (Prestigious Results in Sales and Marketing) Awards banquet presented by the Builders Association of Greater Boston. The room was packed with industry leaders as these awards recognize the finest projects and outstanding achievements of builders, developers, project owners, architects, land planners, and other professionals in the home building industry.

As Ed Harding, co-anchor for the NewsCenter 5 early evening and late newscasts and this year’s PRISM award master of ceremonies, introduced the “Best Detached Home over 8,000 Square Feet” we sat with excited anticipation. We were surprised and honored when we heard our name – twice – as we “swept the category”– winning both the silver and gold awards!

The Gold Award recognizes The Wellesley Country house project. This project started with our clients asking us to assess a lot with an existing home and provide sound advice if it could be renovated to fit the family’s needs. The existing home had no relationship within its existing context nor did it possess a massing we could work with. It was decided the home would be demolished. When it came time to design, the family told us that they already had a shingle-style vacation home and did not want another. In turn, we designed a stone and stucco home utilizing tools born of the Art and Crafts movement.

The Captain’s House was also an exciting project and received the silver award. Our Boston-based clients were frequent childhood visitors of the Cape and envisioned a very specific Captain’s House to own and keep in their family for future generations.
We partnered with C.H. Newton to execute this three-story, 12,500 square ft., shingle-style Captain’s House, located near Craigville Beach. The home was built to have graduated levels of decks to bring the house up and away from the water without compromising views or style. The interior was meant to feel whimsical while also reflecting the surrounding beauty of Cape Cod. We, therefore, incorporated custom woodwork throughout the first floor, from the one-of-a-kind mahogany front door to rich, hand-scraped, wide-plank walnut and teak flooring.

These projects were amazing to work on and we are so humbled to be recognized by this prestigious association. However, it is also important to recognize the design professionals we collaborated with on these projects, without whom our success would not be possible.


Wellesley Country House

Architect: John S. MacDonald

Project Manager: Gregory E. Graham

General Contractor: The Lagasse Group

Interior Designer: James Radin

Landscape Architect: Gregory Lombardi Design


Captain’s House

Architect:  John S. MacDonald

Project Manager: Corey R. MacPherson

General Contractor: C.H. Newton Builders

Landscape Architect: Horiuchi/Solien Landscape Architects

Check out these homes on our website: Wellesley Country Home and  Captain’s House.


MMA Launches New Website

Morehouse MacDonald and Associates, Inc., is proud to introduce its brand new company website. Internally conceived, the new site was designed and developed by the award-winning international WordPress agency Crowd Favorite. Carefully crafted and custom coded, the new MMA website delivers bold enlarged stunning imagery and powerful Social Web publishing capacity across all Internet devices, from your iPhone to your super large computer screen. On a 27-inch Apple iMac, for instance, the website delivers rich color and black & white 2K photography, while an internal engine smartly downsizes imagery for mobile viewing to popular iPad and smartphone devices.

Materials and Detail Matter

Our distinguished body of work is the type of architecture that must be experienced in order to truly be appreciated—not just in the varied spatial conditions presented to the occupants—but equally important in the richness of materials and the high-calibre craftsmanship consistently delivered in all our projects.


The new website helps visitors get much closer to the work. It is now possible to see details like wood grain and textures, and rich fabrics and textiles, on walls and furniture pieces that previously were not easily discernible. MMA takes great pride in its ability to thoughtfully execute delightful and personalized touches in its architecture, especially where the client is close to the experience of a building.

A Mobile Reality

Our new website fully accounts for the fact that a greater percentage of web viewing is happening on smartphones and tablet computers. Nearly 20 percent of all visitors to the MMA site are viewing it on such mobile devices. A full dynamic ‘responsive’ web site design delivers all content appropriately scaled to both tablet computers of all sizes and smartphones. It is especially enjoyable to peruse the new MMA website on a tablet device, like Kindle or iPad, in vertical portrait mode.

MMA's new website was beautifully conceived to work optimally on popular tablet computers.

MMA’s new website was beautifully conceived to work optimally on popular tablet computers, especially in portrait ‘reading mode.’

Whether in portrait or landscape mode makes no difference, our new website will adapt and present a diversity of layouts on all mobile devices based on screen resolution size, keeping navigation accessible and scaled to a touch-screen interface. Primary animated behaviors delivered on the desktop are also delivered to mobile devices.

New Blog: Plus, We’ve Gone Social!

The new website will help keep our wonderful clients, collaborators, and industry press ‘up-to-date’ on MMA’s latest activities. The News page is a new Social-powered blog and site visitors are encouraged to share and ‘Like’ our posts. From the Work portfolio section site visitors can both Tweet and Like posts and share on their social media walls.

MMA has gone totally social on the web, adding to existing Houzz and Facebook pages with a new Twitter account, so users of Twitter can keep track of all MMA announcements. And MMA won’t just be shouting out about ourselves. Our partners do amazing work, with us and with others, and we are very proud of their talents and our association with them. We will be keeping an eye out for their noteworthy efforts and shining a well-deserved light on them.

We hope you enjoy looking at our body of work on our new MMA website as much as we do.