Vermont Meadow House

MMA was commissioned to design a vacation home in a dramatic Vermont landscape. This jewel caps off a comprehensive estate building and site development program for a past repeating client. John MacDonald used classic New England details with a level of control that is evocative of a contemporary structure.

Nestled into the side of a mountain, this home is set on a radius to capitalize on the panoramic views. This radius can be found embedded in such detailing as the radiused windows and doors, wide plank flooring, and the form of the stone fireplace in the living space. Materials on the exterior, such as copper, cedar, and indigenous stone were used to withstand the harsh subarctic climate that is inherently in Vermont. The selection of colors for the exterior reflects the client’s desire for the home to sit in harmony with its wooded environment.

The structure is a hybrid of a Douglas Fir timber frame and conventional stick framing. This mixed framing method was employed to use the timber frame where it would yield the most aesthetic value while still maintaining a continuity of interior detailing. Douglas fir was used for the running trim and millwork as well, though ‘straight grain’ Fir was used to attain a higher level of fit and finish.

There is no mistaking the country home feel of the interior while at the same time achieving a level of sophistication to support the lifestyle of our client.


John S. MacDonald, AIA

interior designer

Bierly Drake Associates, Inc.

landscape architect

Shepard Butler Landscape Assoc.

general contractor

Housewright Construction, Inc.

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