West Indies Cottage

This modest-sized cottage with a detached guest accommodation and a linear pool is oriented to capture stunning views of the nearby marina in the distance. A generous wrap-around covered porch echoes historic domestic architecture while carefully planned proportions and symmetry on its poolside facade reflect some of the order and formality of British colonial architecture found throughout the West Indies.

MMA’s associate interior designer Elizabeth Cameron has developed a restful but sophisticated interior palette, grounded by dark wood floors, contrasting dark windows, and light-filled ceilings. Walls are finely articulated from base to crown and offer contrasting textures in all white tones. This sets the ground for elegant but casual furniture pieces.

The house will enter construction in 2021.

design principal

John S. MacDonald, AIA

Anthony M. Frausto, AIA, LEED AP

project lead

Kyle McCreighton Carroll

interior designer

Elizabeth Cameron/Morehouse MacDonald

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