Modern Arts & Crafts

Coming to MMA with an existing “Deck House” on a wooded two-acre lot, our client wished to begin anew and take advantage of a dramatic 25-foot grade difference that culminates with a 15-foot drop-off. With an appreciation of the Arts & Crafts style our client desired a open-plan and contemporary look, yet wished for a house that fit the site and expressed the character of an older style.

MMA presented a design that created a union between the client’s lives, the house, and the dramatic site. Due to a narrow lot width, the plan jogs out to allow views of the wetlands as the layers of space step away from the drop-off. The Master Suite was sited as a pavilion outside the main volume of the house with access provided by a glazed link. This afforded some of the best views from the Master Suite. Another enhancing feature of this location was that it is nestled into the existing canopy of trees. As the entire end of the master suite is glazed it has the effect of being in a tree-house, as the canopy of foliage envelops the eye as a natural wall paper.

The house sits on a plinth of Pennsylvania field stone which in turn rests atop the existing ledge outcroppings. This serves to anchor the house to the site as well as give the appearance that the house grows organically from the site’s ledge. The success of this design is represented in this harmony of structure and nature.


John S. MacDonald, AIA

project lead

Gregory E. Graham


Curtis Fanti
Gregory E. Graham

interior designer

Gauthier/Stacy, Inc.

general contractor

Hollett Building Corporation

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