Seaside Boat House

This project is one of a multi-component phased expansion and renovation of a seaside manor with extensive oceanfront grounds. The Boat House was conceived as both a physical gateway to the private dock access and a beacon or “lighthouse” allowing private boats to way-find to the property at night. Architecturally, the building is both influenced by traditional working boat houses, New England lighthouses, and the classical architecture of the manor house.

Approximately 700 square feet, the Boat House is used to house recreational water sports gear and small vessels. On the beach-facing side are a private exterior shower and large working deck which serves as a “breakout area” for setting up windsurfers and similar items.


John S. MacDonald, AIA

project lead

Anthony M. Frausto, AIA, LEED AP

general contractor

Kistler & Knapp Builders, Inc.


Sam Gray Photography

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